El Dub

Conscious, Positive, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, Jam

Grass Valley, CA


El Dub Music's CD cover of Good Intentions with California Reggae and Positive Music


El Dub Music's CD cover titled Feelin Alive with a man sitting on top of an RV and his wife driving


El Dub Music sitting on top of the front of his RV and his wife and daughter in the front, a picture of his CD titled Anywhere Bound a California Reggae CD




Opinions of a Wiseman
Feelin' Alive


El Dub Music performing live in front of a lit up backdrop


Lee Walsh, better known as ''El Dub," is an internationally touring one-man 11 loop'' band, who is known for bending genres of Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronic and Jam, built with a backbone of extraordinary beat-boxing skills, along with well-crafted upbeat rhythms. This original combination continues to provide him unique opportunities to be welcomed in a multitude of music festival styles and variety artist collaborations.


El Dub is a soulful artist, who mixes melodic harmonies and intricate looping mixes, with all instruments live and in real time. From beat boxing, guitar, bass, keys, and synth sounds such as horns, piano, flutes etc. to sound like full band with just one man; an extraordinary performance to say the least.


El Dub's impressive looping skills, have landed him main-stage performances at notable festivals and venues, including SXSW, Vans Warped Tour, Suwannee Hulaween, Unify Fest and Shangri-la to name a few, as well as earned him the opportunity to perform alongside the likes of 311, Matisyahu, Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid , Rebelution and many more.


In 2012, Lee ''El Dub'' made an advantageous decision to sell his possessions and move with his wife and children into the RV and tour the country performing for fans. He is a family man, who home schools his oldest with his wife Angie, who all manages to handle his bookings. Together, they have toured to thirty-eight states for four consecutive years.


Currently El Dub is touring in support of the release of his third full-length CD, Feelin 1 Alive� which is packed deep and conscious lyrical expression; a driving force for this young family man. El Dub evokes positive change wherever he goes, leaving his audiences revived, with a new zest for life and a rebirth of purpose and enlightenment.

"Not only is he a phenomenal musician, he also possesses an amazing ability to captivate his listeners by radiating genuine love and kindness from the stage.  An evening with El Dub is not just a concert, it's an experience"

- El Dub Fan

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  El Dub Fan

"Impressive Crazy

-  El Dub Fan



Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi




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